Pitch Perfect: Chief of Staff


This Pitch jumped out because it’s a perfect combination of enthusiasm, professional detail, personality and specifically references the company and how it is personally and professionally relevant. It won the job and won our appreciation as well!

First let me say I am ecstatic to hear XX exists! I cannot wait to try out a look for a raging (yet stylish) post pandemic party! What a genius idea. I am a seasoned Chief of Staff with over 15 years of experience in operations/project management, event coordination, domestic & international travel planning and executive level support. I’ve worked in a wide range of industries from startups to financial services to creative companies. I have been freelancing since May of 2020 but was previously working almost entirely virtually for a flexible executive search startup (XX) for 5 years.I love the fast paced, varied nature of my work and juggle whatever is handed to me. I am a creative problem solver and tackle strategy with a 360 view of both short term and long term goals. I am both a caretaker and a doer and I’m one of the most loyal employees you will ever meet. I have a no task is too small attitude, but always enjoy a great challenge. I hope we can connect!

Amanda Stoga answered some questions about her winning pitch:

What is your process like for creating a pitch?

I try to first express my true enthusiasm for the company (I still think it’s the coolest idea ever) and then tried to succinctly explain why my skill set is a direct match for the role. No magic potion or anything, however, I do feel like the language and tips you have on your site are helpful to instill confidence in applicants.

What language resonates exactly?

Most helpful to me were the tips you provide before the pitch (no need to address/sign, no need to use lame “look no further” language, reminder not to summarize entire work history, etc).  I have had a profile on The Second Shift for a long time, so you also prompted me to update my profile to keep it current and fresh. 

What tips do you have for other members fr creating a great pitch?
I think a great tip is to create a generalized pitch (which you look at quarterly) and then tailor it as needed to include more specifics as it pertains to the particular role. Starting from scratch every time is inefficient and leaves room for frustration/typos etc. I think trying to include a bit of spunk/personality helps a great deal as well since it’s hard to convey on paper/screen. 

Pitch Perfect: Marketing Consultant


Pitch Perfect Example (Marketing Consultant for Fitness App) 


The Job:

Fitness App (launched) looking to hire marketing consultant for 10-15 hours a month to run our social media marketing. Infrastructure (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Website, Blog) is in place. Need an experienced and savvy social media marketer to help us with content and SEO. Would work directly with managing member and fitness trainer to develop content to directly influence our marketing campaign and drive sales of the app.

Responsibilities + Deliverables

  • Create a social media strategy for the company that is on brand with the app
  • Direct and manage our content creation every week
  • Curate our social media sites with content (pictures, videos, optimized blog posts)
  • Run specific sale campaigns based on the calendar (i.e cybermonday, holiday workouts, January sales pitches)
  • Communicate with managing member and trainer for deliverables weekly
  • Ideally post content and manage analytics, but not required



The Pitch: 

Hi there!

I’m qualified to take on this opportunity because it’s exactly what I’ve been doing for a woman-owned business called XXXX, which makes custom merchandise for all industries, including health & wellness. (See an example here: Instagram Account).

I’ve run an influencer campaign with them with zero budget, and have helped them break into B2B sales after always focusing on B2C.

Prior to being a consultant, I lead social media and marketing programs for small startups, as well as for Groupon and Google.

Look forward to learning more!


Why We Like It: 

  • Show your real work: The job description asked for someone to run the company’s social media accounts so this member shared a link of the instagram page for the company she’s been consulting for. This provides a visual example of her work and gives her the leg up.
  • Share the value you can bring: This member shares that she led influencer campaigns for zero budget which means that she is scrappy and has the ability to successfully market without a big spend.
  • Be specific with related experience: This role wants someone who has experience in social media and marketing strategy, she not only shares that she has experience in the fitness industry (current role) but also at well-known tech companies including Google and Groupon.

Pitch Perfect: The Not So Perfect Pitch

For Pitch Perfect this month, we are comparing two pitches for the same job and one of them is an example of what NOT to do. 


Example of pitch that needs improvement: 

While my extensive marketing background in luxury e-commerce may suit well, my experience is more strategic than daily tactical so my skills overlap your requirements and your nice-to-have with gaps. I’m the right person to help you build out your growth plan, develop strategy and KPIs, write content, find vendors and tools, and identify growth areas for lead gen and sales. I’m not the one to manage the shopify store, place ads, or design graphics. I realize that I’m not an ideal fit to your posting but Second Shift identified our match so I thought I should respond in the event you don’t find the right fit as soon as you hoped.


Our feedback: 

  • Stay Positive- When applying for a job, don’t say that you are NOT an ideal fit and that there is likely someone better out there for the role.
  • Tell a Story- Don’t call out the gaps in your experience and that you don’t have ALL the skills they are asking for.
  • Be a Team Player- Sell yourself with your can-do attitude and excitement for new opportunities to learn skills and gain experience. 


Example of a good pitch for the same job: 

I am XXX and I am currently the co-founder of an e-commerce site. As we wind down our operations, I am seeking my next role in the design and e-commerce space with a company whose aesthetic inspires me. I hold and MBA as well as over 7 years experience managing e-commerce businesses, but my most recent role is most parallel to this one at XXX.


Over the past four years, I built and managed a Shopify website – with a limited budget. As the lead of e-commerce, I’ve learned the ins and outs of the platform, as well as some coding and software integrations that streamlined business. In addition to managing our site (products, collections, homepage, merchandising, etc.) and keeping it fresh, I’ve lead content and marketing initiatives across all other platforms, including social media and email. For these I wear every hat – from photographer to budgeter and planner.


A self-starter with various applicable skills, I’d love to discuss this more with you.


E-Commerce Manager Job Description and Responsibilities-

The role requires the ability to strategize and execute programs to achieve goals. This includes taking initiative, working with existing retail team, and executing programs from start to finish. In this job you will need the ability to multi-task and manage internal and external resources to successfully bring projects to life. The best team member should have strong visual and communication skills and understand how to prioritize projects. This person must also be a self-starter who has the ability to work well independently and in a team setting (ok if remote)

Managing Products in Shopify

  • Add new products and manage existing products
  • Uploading Pictures
  • Product Description & Dimensions
  • Shopify Tag Management

Merchandising Products and Updating Collections on Shopify

  • Updating Homepage
  • Curated Themes – Product or Inspirational Imagery
  • Test ideas to increase conversions
  • Merchandising/Curation Calendar

Customer Engagement via Social & Email

  • Manage Social Media Accounts
  • Plan daily/weekly campaigns
  • Email Marketing Outreach




Pitch Perfect: Chief Development Officer


Why this is the Perfect Pitch: 

  • This candidate’s excitement for the company’s mission jump off the page!
  • She shares why SHE is the right person for this role and how she can personally make an impact.
  • She gives real-life examples that show her expertise, skillset, and personal passion that make her the perfect fit for this opportunity.


I’m very interested in serving as XXX next Chief Development Officer. The mission of the organization is one that I care deeply about and the role dovetails perfectly with my professional experiences and demonstrated skill set, both of which will allow me to make an immediate and positive impact.  Please allow me to tell you why.

I’ve been developing corporate social responsibility programs anchored in educational advocacy for many years. Ensuring programs are fully funded either by corporate partnerships, high-net worth individuals, foundations, or donors who simply mail in $10 a month faithfully, has been a cornerstone of my work. My successes are the result of two key strengths: my ability to develop, nurture, and sustain relationships; and my ability to convey my passion for a cause to others.

Beyond my professional experiences in this area, I’m also an elected official to the Community Education Council representing Manhattan’s District 2. In my capacity as a school board member, I co-founded a Community Engagement Program and launched an initiative that provides students in transitional housing access to free laundry services.

I’m well versed in liaising with board members, C-suite officers, corporate partners, foundations, and high net-worth individuals, among others.  I’m excited by the prospect of applying my expertise to XX as you continue to expand your reach and impact in the years ahead. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Chief Development Officer Job Description Overview: 

XXX is looking for a senior development professional to help us grow and sustain an innovative portfolio of work to enhance the English proficiency and literacy skills of low-income and immigrant parents and build their capacity to promote their children’s early learning, social-emotional growth, and school readiness. Last year, we served 722 adults and 594 children with intensive classes and reading promotion workshops. We have ambitious plans to expand.

Primary Responsibilities: 

  • Establish and execute strategies to raise funds to meet our revenue goals
  • Focus on institutional donors: apply for grants, sponsorships, and develop non-traditional revenue sources to meet annual goals
  • Engage and support the Board of Directors in their role as fundraisers and brand ambassadors
  • Oversee all other fundraising, cultivation, and stewardship activities including an individual giving program, an annual gala, and several smaller events
  • Set the strategic direction and oversee all communications to achieve our revenue goals
  • Supervise three staff
  • Report to the CEO

Pitch Perfect: Marketing and Innovation Team

Why is this a winning pitch? 
  • The opening is key. She captures the hiring manager’s attention by sharing that she is a customer herself, which means she truly understands the business’ consumer.
  • She shares details from past experiences working on CSR initatives, demonstrating her expertise relate directly to this project!
  • Last but not least, she shares how SHE can add value and that her “scrappy mentality” sets her apart.
Job description- 
We’re looking for a marketing strategist within XXX – the Marketing Innovation Lab. XXX is about the stuff that transforms the company and does things we’re not set up to do today. We’re a SWAT team of innovators participating in high profile, high impact, and agile programs across XXX.  We’re also a think tank, an internal start-up. We’ll use controlled experiments to transform decision making into a scientific, evidence-driven process.
The ideal candidate will be a self-starter who is comfortable with ambiguity, is customer-obsessed, and who is excited about building new technology and customer-facing experiences
Pitch perfect – 
As a XXX customer, the XXX mandate sounds exciting and intriguing.
I’ve consulted on a number projects of financial institutions and my experience includes being on team charged with naming and developing an innovative investment app.
A strategic, innovative and creative thinker, I’m also an excellent storyteller / communicator who can create nuanced materials towards getting buy-in from all stakeholders. I have much experience in “start-up” environments within an established company and can embrace the scrappy mentality while addressing overall corporate/institutional concerns.
My background includes doing strategic and market planning for a telecom-related business, as well as being the inaugural and ongoing strategist for a global digital consumer initiative for Samsung. I’ve project-managed digital Annual Report and CSR initiatives on both the client and agency side (including for financial institutions).

Pitch Perfect: Project Manager for Digital Media Company

My name is XX, I have over 16 years of strategic and operational retail experience. I have worked for retailers such as Chanel, Elie Tahari and Assouline Publishing, as well as consulted for PwC.   

I have experience managing inventory planning, supply chain, merchandising and store operations for luxury and mass merchant retailers and department stores.In my previous roles I oversaw sales operations and inventory management across warehouses including monitoring of current inventory levels, identifying replenishment needs, maximizing new receipts and minimizing stock transfers. Likewise, I established product planning and forecasting models to maximize sales, ROI and reduce out of stocks.    

I was excited to see your project and believe I have relevant expertise to add value to your organization. I am available to begin work immediately. Please let me know if you need further information.  

Why we like it:
  • The pitch is concise yet effective. From the get-go, she shares what makes HER unique and why she is the right fit for the role.
  • This member clearly communicates her past experience and how her skills directly relate to the project.
  • Last but not least, she shows her enthusiasm for the opportunity. Remember, employers want to see your passion!
Job Description: 
Worth is a media company that reaches a community of successful, influential, diverse and aspirational people. The brand comprises digital (Worth.com), live and magazine products. Now under new ownership and leadership, the 27-year-old brand is looking to optimize, transform and reinvent itself as a global media platform—and we’re looking for a talented Product Manager – Publishing & Marketing Tech to oversee the delivery of a variety of projects across our tech stack.

Pitch Perfect: Content Marketing

Short. Sweet. Detailed. To the point. This pitch has a little of everything. As a content marketer the Member has unique ability to use her talent and craft to sell herself. Use her skills to your benefit and #makeworkworkforyou!


Hi! I was excited to see your role posted. As an avid user of xxx, I’d love to help your tackle the challenges and opportunities for your evolving business content platform. I use your product for deciphering terms for VC and M&A deals with clients. I’m currently the independent content director for a boutique fintech PR agency.  I work on content projects for online lenders, payments firms, transaction monitors, data marketers, supply chain startups and more. My previous career includes in-house communications roles at payments companies American Express and Mastercard, as well as having a background (and degree) in journalism with five years of financial journalism experience. My content work spans C-suite thought leadership content, website/app copy, press releases, emails, social media campaigns, edcals, content audits, whitepapers, digital publications and more. Would love to discuss your needs in further detail. Sincerely, xxxx

Pitch Perfect: 3 Questions Every Good Pitch Has to Cover!


Strong team leader, savvy marketer, and collaborative worker. I’ve run marketing teams big & small, in-house and as an external source. I understand how to get the most from teams and execute successful and clever plans. For example, as Head of Marketing for XXX, I successfully re-launched the brand with a 360 degree campaign which included a pop-up shop, PR campaign, music/celebrity partnership, event, digital campaign and more. At XXX I oversaw new club opening and market entries, as part of the marketing team – successfully doubling the business with guerrilla tactics. Today I run my own marketing consulting business where I craft and execute my client’s marketing strategies. One of my clients is a fertility start-up. I am assisting them with brand definition, pivot, marketing strategies and events – all very relevant to the role at XXX. I am based in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn with my 18 month old. I get it! I am living your target market! Let’s connect.


This winning pitch covers the three questions every good pitch should address:

  • Why are you uniquely qualified for the role based on your past experience?
  • What are you going to bring to the client that makes you the perfect person for the role?
  • How do you think about the role/ project and what makes you excited to take it on?

Have questions about your pitches and want guidance? You can always reach out to our customer success team at members@thesecondshift.com

Pitch Perfect: Head of Product Management


A client is looking for a Head of Product Management who can spin off a new product category and lead eight teams from strategy until launch.  Here is a pitch that we thought really hit the mark!

Having built and managed product teams in both small and matrixed organizations, I am keenly aware of what it takes to lead high-performing teams. I would love the opportunity to help XXX scale the XXX platform and marketplace teams to enhance and enrich a very powerful suite of design tools. On XXX Digital Products team, our UX and Interaction designers leveraged components of the IXXX, enabling our platform teams (mobile, web, connected TV, etc) to quickly launch and iterate based on market and customer feedback. My team was then able to pivot from platform work, to focus on enhancing the customer experience and leveraged our user and behavioural data to help inform the next generation of our XXX product. As a product leader, I have found success because I understand the importance of collaboration across functional teams as well as transparency when discussing critical issues and business priorities. My product experience makes me a strong fit for the project and I look forward to discussing the role with you in more detail. Thank you!


Why we like it:


  • She responds directly to the job posting
  • She is clear about her relevant experience and provides examples
  • She shares the secret to her success in similar roles
  • The pitch demonstrates that she understands the big picture and would be a good fit for the opportunity
  • The pitch is clear and to the point
  • She has specific experience with product platform that the job requires.


If you have a question about your pitches you can book time to speak directly with our team during office hours:

The last Monday of the month 12-1pm EST. To book a time email members@thesecondshift.com.

Pitch Perfect: Presentation

Here is what we love about this pitch:

  • she directly responds to the post itself
  • is clear about her relevant experience
  • argues for what she brings to the client and why she is right for the job
  • she states her rate upfront
  • it is clear and succinct!


Hello! I’m a Creative Director who has made ooodles of Google decks, and I’m super comfortable with the Radical Transparency model. I’m the ideal combo of designer/copywriter to support your project because I will finesse the flow, content, copywriting, and design for IMPACT. I also have a lot of experience with CPG clients. Please check out my portfolio xxxx. I can offer a flat rate if desired, but I’d need to know more about the project scope. Otherwise, hourly is $75. Thank you!


If you have a question about your pitches you can book time to speak directly with our team during office hours:

In person at Luminary the first Thursday of every month  9-10am EST and online the last Monday of the month 12-1pm EST. To book a time email members@thesecondshift.com