Pitch Perfect: 3 Questions Every Good Pitch Has to Cover!


Strong team leader, savvy marketer, and collaborative worker. I’ve run marketing teams big & small, in-house and as an external source. I understand how to get the most from teams and execute successful and clever plans. For example, as Head of Marketing for XXX, I successfully re-launched the brand with a 360 degree campaign which included a pop-up shop, PR campaign, music/celebrity partnership, event, digital campaign and more. At XXX I oversaw new club opening and market entries, as part of the marketing team – successfully doubling the business with guerrilla tactics. Today I run my own marketing consulting business where I craft and execute my client’s marketing strategies. One of my clients is a fertility start-up. I am assisting them with brand definition, pivot, marketing strategies and events – all very relevant to the role at XXX. I am based in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn with my 18 month old. I get it! I am living your target market! Let’s connect.


This winning pitch covers the three questions every good pitch should address:

  • Why are you uniquely qualified for the role based on your past experience?
  • What are you going to bring to the client that makes you the perfect person for the role?
  • How do you think about the role/ project and what makes you excited to take it on?

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