Pitch Perfect: Airline Industry Market Research Project


A Second Shift member is a bigwig in the marketing dept of a major national airline and she was looking for help with a research project. She knew exactly where to come for the expertise she needed– to The Second Shift!  Love when the eco-system works!


Here is the pitch that won the job.


I am a strategic marketing and management consultant with 20+ years of experience working with mid-size and Fortune 500 companies. I also have experience in the publishing industry, having partnered with Meredith Custom Publishing on a custom corporate magazine targeting medical professionals and consumers. My goal is to uncover unique insights and areas of opportunity, while capturing and documenting the industry offerings from a wide variety of perspectives, i.e. content, frequency, visuals, audience, distribution, channels, topics, etc. Each of my analyses includes both executive and detailed findings, as well as specific recommendations that are actionable and relevant.  Thank you for the opportunity and I hope we will talk soon!


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Pitch “nearly” Perfect


We chose this example because it is a great pitch and with a few tweaks it would be perfect!


I’m a seasoned human resources professional who has had the opportunity to develop & deploy recruiting strategies for various business segments & levels. Over my career, I’ve built, restructured, manage & develop teams as small as 4 & as large as 60. I had the opportunity to work on enterprise-wide initiatives, most recently with the HR Change Management team in supporting the implementation of Workday.


Last year, I had the opportunity to help develop & execute XX Employment Brand. In the last few years, I’ve gained the confidence of XX Executives to partner with internal executive recruiting team vs hiring a retained firm for C-Suite roles, which has saved the firm millions each year. I have viewed myself as a brand ambassador. From speaking with students on campus to participating on national diversity conferences panels to networking with C-level executives. I am confident that my experiences provide me with a solid foundation to be successful in this role.


The Good:


She touches on the basics: who she is, what she does and why she is successful– with quantifiable results.


Not Quite There:

This pitch is all her past accomplishments and it is missing a vital element– why her background is relevant to the position and why she is uniquely qualified to succeed.


For more information about how to craft a great pitch read our do’s and don’ts:




Pitch Perfect!


Pitch Perfect: How to put your best pitch forward is a new feature where we will pick a good example of a recent pitch from an anonymous member. Every month we will highlight a different pitch that shows the types of structure, detail and vibe that we believe show that member in the best possible light!  We don’t guarantee that she got the job… but we do think that there was something catchy and persuasive in her personal brand storytelling. We hope you enjoy and learn from these effective examples.


As a seasoned marketer with relevant experience, I believe I would be a perfect fit for the fractional CMO position at Fly Louie. I have a breadth of relevant corporate marketing experience at xxx, xxx and xxx in brand, product, customer acquisition/loyalty, and customer experience that has given me a solid foundation for developing strong marketing strategies. Specific to project requirements, I have experience in building loyalty plans. In addition, customer communications with clear product messaging has been a key role in all my positions. Also, I have strong project management skills and am good at working with internal cross-functional teams and external agencies that seems crucial to this position.


More recently, I have been consulting for a boutique creative agency in New York City that prides itself in disruptive creative storytelling and really turns brands into a lifestyle. We have worked with clients including xxx and xxx. As the agency’s strategist for these clients, part of my role has been to create customer personas and determine the best positioning to the various customer segments. I take a look into competitive and influential cultural/commerce trends to inform these personas and also help shape the creative campaign process and communications to clients.


With all the hassle associated with flying commercial airlines, I believe Fly Louie is offering a service that is very much desired and has huge opportunity to continue to increase routes. I would love to join the team at Fly Louie and together help unlock a fresh, new thinking that will have your company fly over the rest. Please let me know if there is any other information I can provide for you to make your decision. I look forward to hearing from you!


For more information about how to craft a great pitch read our do’s and don’ts: