Fuzzy brain? Don’t worry, it’s just stress!


A friend recently made a visit to her Ophthalmologist because her eye was twitching so often she could barely drive. Convinced she had a brain tumor she made an emergency appointment only to be told that no, she was just burnt out.


Sound familiar?  We are nearing the year anniversary of the pandemic and women’s mental health is in a state of crisis. Anxiety, depression, sleep issues– women are burnt out from the constant stress of childcare and work.


In February, we partnered with Alma, a platform that connects people to licensed therapists in the New York metro area, to do a study of our members and what they are feeling right now; unsurprisingly 77% say their mental health has worsened over the past year— the two most common reasons– feeling overwhelmed by work and family.


The Second Shift and Alma hosted a talk with Dr Laura Athey- Lloyd, a clinical psychologist, to normalize what people are feeling, discuss mindful solutions and how to ask for help when you need it.



The need for therapists across the country is outweighing the supply and finding someone to work with can be a difficult and long process. 72% of members surveyed say they would like to hire a therapist but going through the process of finding one feels like too much additional stress. If you are looking to find someone to speak with quickly Alma will do the work for you and connect you directly with a therapist that has time and availability.

Fill out this form to get matched!

Featured Career Coach: Zuleika Cuevas

An HR change agent, career coach, and training/leadership development strategist, Zuleika is a passionate champion of unleashing the workforce potential of a diverse environment. She is the CEO and Founder of EDIE, where training includes: Diversity & Inclusive Excellence; Performance Management; Change Management, Feedback Conversations; Women in Leadership; Women in Leadership-Breaking Barriers; Mentoring; Succeeding as a Professional; and more!
Get in touch with us to get in touch with Zuleika. She can’t wait to meet you! Email members@thesecondshift.com for more information. 

Keeping you healthy, inside and out!

Daily Harvest believes in a world well-fed. One where delicious food that’s built on organic fruits and vegetables is also incredibly convenient. Perfect for busy working women who need quick, simple food that is nourishing, healthy,  and delicious.

Their in-house chefs and nutritionists craft recipes that are actually healthy and undeniably delicious and free of refined sugars, gluten, fillers, preservatives, or artificial anything.


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Primal Scream: Working Mothers are suffering and how to help

It’s no surprise that working mothers are struggling– we are leaving the workforce in record numbers because, as Second Shift research shows, the demand of ongoing childcare costs and remote schooling is taking its toll. Add in the stress and anxiety of the past 10 months and we are facing a mental health emergency. Both New York Magazine and The New York Times have features this week about the overwhelming and unrelenting pressure facing working mothers. The always insightful Claire Cain Miller has a list of what government, employers, friends and family can do to help.

  • Offer part-time schedules or unpaid leave
  • Pay for childcare
  • Don’t penalize people for caregiving
  • Don’t go back to “normal” office life
  • Extend Coronavirus paid leave
  • Send money to parents
  • Offer tax credits to businesses that retain or rehire mothers
  • Give Social Security credits for unpaid caregivers
  • Open schools
  • Make the solutions permanent
  • Men can do their share and take on the biggest gendered issue in the home.
  • Friends can bring meals or take kids for a walk or mail an activity kit
  • Communities can provide tutors and outdoor activities

As part of our partnership with Alma to provide mental health services to our members, we encourage you to fill out this survey to help us help you. Alma is providing free matching to therapists in the NY metro area and hosting a webinar on Feb 24th at 1pm with an expert therapist to answer your questions– register here

Featured Career Coach: Supriti Bhandary


Supriti has 25 years of experience in talent leadership. Her coaching goals are related to Executive Presence, Leadership + Interpersonal Effectiveness, and Managing Career Transitions. Her coaching model is eclectic, integrating cognitive and somatic approaches, so as to enable lasting changes in mindset and behavior for all of her clients. She leverages a personal, energetic and positive coaching style to support her clients as they explore the changes they wish to make.


Get in touch with us to get in touch with Supriti. She can’t wait to meet you! Email members@thesecondshift.com for more information. 


Keeping You Sane.


As we enter into month 10 of the COVID pandemic it’s become alarmingly clear that women are struggling and recent studies show a dramatic rise in sleep disorders, depression and anxiety in women. It’s our goal to partner with companies that offer services to help build our community up and set ourselves up for success at the end of this long nightmare.

We want to introduce you to Alma, a company that connects you to licensed therapists for all types of mental health needs. Alma is generously offering our members a special promotion on their services. We are also joining forces to do a study about where you are, how you are currently feeling, and what we can do to help.

Step 1: Fill out this survey

Step 2: If you are in the NY metro area they will connect you with a therapist who is right for you.

Step 3: Alma expert therapist, Laura Athey-Lloyd, is leading a webinar for all Second Shift members on Wednesday, February 24th at 1:00pm EST on staying sane during these trying times. Register here

Step 4: Laura will be answering questions that you send in through social media over the next few weeks. Follow us and ask away!

Business Abormal is the New Normal: How to Make Your Connections Pay Off!

The founders of Business Abnormal, Sandy Sloane, Lori Sussle Bonanni and Miranda Wilcox, are communications experts and fellow Second Shift members who teamed up to start their own collective and consultancy. They generously offered their time and expertise to their fellow members about the importance of connecting and tips for effective remote networking.


You can watch the entire presentation here.  



Featured Career Coach: Karen Finckenor



Meet our featured Career Coach this week, the lovely, Karen Finckenor!


Karen’s goal is for her clients leave to the conversation with actionable steps, confidence, and a new, inspired perspective on their career. Her areas of focus include Pivot Strategies, Resume and LinkedIn Development, Job Search Strategy, Interview Skills, and Negotiation.


Get in touch with us to get in touch with Karen. She can’t wait to meet you. Members@thesecondshift.com

Building Community is Good Business

With priorities turned upside down and norms in constant flux, successful connections require increased attention, thought, and finesse. Whether it’s 1:1 connection, through your existing network or the world at large, building community is both complicated and crucial in our virtual world.
Connection Perfection: Why Building Your Community is Good Business

Tuesday, January 19th @ 1:00 – 2:15pm EST

This virtual event is presented by Sandy Sloane, Lori Sussle Bonanni and Miranda Wilcox, the founders of Business Abnormal, Second Shift members, close friends, and accomplished professionals with different skill sets yet similar mindsets. In this session, attendees will:

  • Uncover the value in diversifying their connections
  • Learn how to connect with others through listening and empathy
  • Identify best practices to solidify connections with those in their existing networks as well as to build new connections
  • Build actionable next steps for fostering meaningful connections

New Year, Stronger You!

As we continue acclimating to 2021, we want to help you put your best foot forward — in more ways than one. Introducing our first wellness partner of the new year: P.volve!


P.volve’s women-focused functional training is the perfect way to get fit by prioritizing your health and building lasting strength. The digital full-body workout program uses resistance-based, high-intensity, low-impact movements to strengthen, sculpt and energize your muscles. You can search for specific workouts by length, body focus and equipment, or start one of P.volve’s series programs like “30-Day Evolution.” You can also use the P.volve app to set goals, get a custom plan, track progress and access nutrition + recipe guides.

They are offering 1 month unlimited access to their digital library of classes to The Second Shift and 30 days free in their virtual studio for live classes with our special code.

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Let’s get our bodies moving together this month — whenever, wherever — with P.volve.