Pitch Perfect: Marketing and Innovation Team

Why is this a winning pitch? 
  • The opening is key. She captures the hiring manager’s attention by sharing that she is a customer herself, which means she truly understands the business’ consumer.
  • She shares details from past experiences working on CSR initatives, demonstrating her expertise relate directly to this project!
  • Last but not least, she shares how SHE can add value and that her “scrappy mentality” sets her apart.
Job description- 
We’re looking for a marketing strategist within XXX – the Marketing Innovation Lab. XXX is about the stuff that transforms the company and does things we’re not set up to do today. We’re a SWAT team of innovators participating in high profile, high impact, and agile programs across XXX.  We’re also a think tank, an internal start-up. We’ll use controlled experiments to transform decision making into a scientific, evidence-driven process.
The ideal candidate will be a self-starter who is comfortable with ambiguity, is customer-obsessed, and who is excited about building new technology and customer-facing experiences
Pitch perfect – 
As a XXX customer, the XXX mandate sounds exciting and intriguing.
I’ve consulted on a number projects of financial institutions and my experience includes being on team charged with naming and developing an innovative investment app.
A strategic, innovative and creative thinker, I’m also an excellent storyteller / communicator who can create nuanced materials towards getting buy-in from all stakeholders. I have much experience in “start-up” environments within an established company and can embrace the scrappy mentality while addressing overall corporate/institutional concerns.
My background includes doing strategic and market planning for a telecom-related business, as well as being the inaugural and ongoing strategist for a global digital consumer initiative for Samsung. I’ve project-managed digital Annual Report and CSR initiatives on both the client and agency side (including for financial institutions).