How to deal with pesky maskne with HelloAva.




Wellness comes from inside and out– and your skin, from wrinkles to acne, has the ability to affect your mood and confidence. Last week Jenny spoke to HelloAva lead esthetician Kathleen Callahan about skin care tips for mask wearing and how to properly take care of your skin during seasonal changes.

If you have not checked it out, HelloAva is offering The Second Shift members a 20% discount on all of their amazing products and services– see details below.



Keeping you healthy, inside and out!

Daily Harvest believes in a world well-fed. One where delicious food that’s built on organic fruits and vegetables is also incredibly convenient. Perfect for busy working women who need quick, simple food that is nourishing, healthy,  and delicious.

Their in-house chefs and nutritionists craft recipes that are actually healthy and undeniably delicious and free of refined sugars, gluten, fillers, preservatives, or artificial anything.


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Building Community is Good Business

With priorities turned upside down and norms in constant flux, successful connections require increased attention, thought, and finesse. Whether it’s 1:1 connection, through your existing network or the world at large, building community is both complicated and crucial in our virtual world.
Connection Perfection: Why Building Your Community is Good Business

Tuesday, January 19th @ 1:00 – 2:15pm EST

This virtual event is presented by Sandy Sloane, Lori Sussle Bonanni and Miranda Wilcox, the founders of Business Abnormal, Second Shift members, close friends, and accomplished professionals with different skill sets yet similar mindsets. In this session, attendees will:

  • Uncover the value in diversifying their connections
  • Learn how to connect with others through listening and empathy
  • Identify best practices to solidify connections with those in their existing networks as well as to build new connections
  • Build actionable next steps for fostering meaningful connections

New Year, Stronger You!

As we continue acclimating to 2021, we want to help you put your best foot forward — in more ways than one. Introducing our first wellness partner of the new year: P.volve!


P.volve’s women-focused functional training is the perfect way to get fit by prioritizing your health and building lasting strength. The digital full-body workout program uses resistance-based, high-intensity, low-impact movements to strengthen, sculpt and energize your muscles. You can search for specific workouts by length, body focus and equipment, or start one of P.volve’s series programs like “30-Day Evolution.” You can also use the P.volve app to set goals, get a custom plan, track progress and access nutrition + recipe guides.

They are offering 1 month unlimited access to their digital library of classes to The Second Shift and 30 days free in their virtual studio for live classes with our special code.

Get your first month free now! To redeem, click here. Select “1-month” and enter code SECONDSHIFT30 at checkout. $19.99/month each month there after. Cancel any time.

Let’s get our bodies moving together this month — whenever, wherever — with P.volve.

Member Perk– Dive Thru Guided Journaling App


Dive Thru is a journaling app that lets you take charge of your mental well-being. They partner with mental health professionals to provide  guided exercises for you to better understand, make peace and resolve personal challenges. In response to Covid-19 they are offering their app free to our community.

Use this link to access the app.

Here’s what we cover in this guide:

– 10 ways to cope with coronavirus related anxiety

– 3 guidelines for coping with the news through this time

– 3 tips for managing the isolation and avoid feeling lonely

– 5 ways to care for your mental wellbeing every day

– How to support those working on the front lines

– How to support your family & friends through this time

– Resources to support your mental wellbeing



Fair Play in Quarantine!


Don’t miss this one– Jenny is speaking with Eve Rodsky of Fair Play live in a Luminary discussion about setting priorities and restructuring the division of invisible labor at home and at work during quarantine.

May 13th 5:30-7pm edt

Second Shift members use the code: THESECONDSHIFT to register here!

Invisible Labor in Quarantine!

Don’t miss this one– Jenny is speaking with Eve Rodsky of Fair Play live in a Luminary discussion about setting priorities and restructuring the division of invisible labor at home and at work during quarantine.

May 13th 5:30-7pm est

Second Shift members use the code: THESECONDSHIFT to register here!

#She4All and The Second Shift

We are a finalist in the #She4All competition hosted by Luminary and Berlin Cameron for a women-led companies building authentic communities.

On April 29th from 5-6pm EST we will be virtually pitching The Second Shift to the judges and our members are invited to join and cheer us on!!!

The invite to register is below and we hope you will come lend your support. The prize includes valuable marketing and pr expertise to better help us #makeworkworkforyou!

Be a Luminary!


Our good friends at Luminary are offering Second Shift members a discounted membership to their online community. In the next few weeks we are partnering with them to do skill-building and career advancement discussions featuring our Second Shift team, clients and members!


We know that this will be an additive benefit to our regular programming and great way to collaborate with a like-mined group of professional women.  The founder of Luminary, Cate Luzio, is a cheerleader for working women and is excited to extend her platform to support you through these uncertain times. We are excited to showcase our members and their expertise to a wider audience and allow you to stay connected to our community, continue learning and investing in yourself, no matter where you are.


Here is the offer:

Digital Membership

  • Access to select Luminary Programming

  • Access to Luminary Members Only App (mobile and desktop)

  • Access to Coveted Luminary Membership Directory

  • Virtual Member Perks for Health & Wellness

  • Once Luminary Headquarters reopens, you will receive a FREE WEEK in our space with the option to upgrade to any of our other membership tiers, including a 15% discount OR a FREE 3-month upgrade to our Community Membership.

           *Available to New Members Only*

Just for The Second Shift:
Option One: Sign up for monthly or annual DIgital Membership by April 20th and receive one free month of digital membership!
Option Two: Sign up for annual membership by April 20th and receive 15% off using the code:SecondShift

Click link to sign up! 

Women on Fire! Join us March 9th.

In honor of International Women’s Day we hope you will join us for a special performance  of Women on Fire: Storie’s from the Frontlines:



This group of true stories was collected by writer and artistic director Chris Henry as she explores the “State of the United States” from different cultural, socio-economic, and diverse perspectives. The all-female cast will be complemented with a modern dance element choreographed by Lorna Ventura with original music by Lars Jacobsen.



The Second Shift team has a block of tickets set aside for our members, friends and allies. Please join us and stay after the show to hear Chris Henry and some of the performers talk about the making of the show.

  • Women on Fire: Stories from the Frontlines
    written by Chris Henry and As Told by a Group of Anonymous Women
    choreographed by Lorna Ventura.
  • The Royal Family Performing Arts Space
    145 West 46th Street, 3rd Floor
    New York, NY 10036