Member Webinar: How to Conquer Working AND Parenting During a Pandemic


The pandemic has hit working parents HARD. We’re juggling parent life, work life, fill-in-the-blank life, while trying to maintain our sanity and maybe even homeschool our kids. In this fantastic upcoming webinar, Marisa Lonic, Second Shift member and founder of Mama Work It, will be teaching us practical strategies to feel less stressed and more energized. These strategies will make a difference in the way we parent, the way we work, the way we show up in our relationships, and the way we show up for ourselves.


Join us November 18th! You don’t want to miss this.


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Women and Work in the Pandemic: A Second Shift Report

From the start, it was clear to us that Covid would have a major impact on our member community because we are working women, the majority of whom are married and have children under 18 years old (including our team). The destructive force of Covid on the lives of working women was confirmed by the recent Lean In/ McKinsey study of Women in the Workplace, which shows 1 in 4 women are considering downshifting or leaving the workforce because of the impact of Covid. Unfortunately this correlates to the trends we see within our community, so we surveyed you to find out why.


Here is what we learned:


Over the past year we tracked a decline in women applying for membership—in April 40% fewer women applied than the same month in 2019. That made sense to us because the world was shutting down and things were unstable. However, in August we saw 62% fewer applications for membership than the previous year. 


This led us to the same conclusion as the Lean In study—that childcare, remote schooling and uncertainty about planning anything in the near term is leading women away from the workforce. Our survey showed 47% of members say remote school is a major factor in their job choices and 56% say the same about childcare. 


The Lean In study found mothers spend 20+ hours a week (or half of a full-time job) on household chores and childcare. That could explain why more than 30% of our members say they passed up a job opportunity because of responsibilities related to Covid. 


All of this is to say that we feel you. The struggle to find work, along with anxiety about taking on anything new, is real. There is so much uncertainty right now but The Second Shift is here to provide projects that will keep you going through these turbulent times. There is good news too—we are seeing more jobs coming in every day. As clients see the benefit of remote work, we are ready to meet their hiring needs with an army of professional remote working pros! 


Thank you to everyone who took the time to fill out our member survey. We wish you all good health.

Featured Member: Amanda Wong



Meet Featured Member Amanda Wong! 


Amanda, tell us about yourself:

I’m a senior advertising and marketing executive who leads strategy, develops content, and drives sales for premium brands.  Most recently I was at WarnerMedia creating award-winning campaigns for advertising clients across all categories, including Amazon, Warner Brothers, PepsiCo, MillerCoors, Geico and P&G.  With 360 expertise across all platforms – TV, digital, social, mobile, experiential, and promotions – I help brands connect with fans, while also driving buzz and revenue for clients. With seasoned experience in managing stakeholder relationships and multi-platform execution on the agency, brand, and client sides, I like to wear all the hats, and get it done from pitch to post.


What is your proudest professional accomplishment?

I have two: 

1) I created a cross-platform promotional campaign for the release of WONDER WOMAN! I was ecstatic to promote a movie with such a positive message about what it is to be a strong, powerful, brave woman. 

2) I saw the need for diversity and inclusion at my company, so I launched a leadership development program called R.I.S.E – Recognize, Invest In, Strengthen and Empower. It was an initiative that provided new employees with access to senior management and mentorship, and it has since been implemented company-wide as an annual event.


What is the hardest challenge you’ve faced, work-wise? 

Due to a merger, there were massive layoffs at my company, and my entire team was eliminated except for me.  I managed to do the job of 6 other people because we still had to meet our client’s expectations.  It was challenging mentally and physically, but the show had to go on.  In the end, our clients were thrilled, so it was worth the sleepless nights.  Being on lean teams has taught me to be scrappy, resourceful, focused, and persistent.


What advice do you have for other women looking to make a career change but are afraid or lack confidence? How is it on the other side?

I would say do the research – network and set up informational interviews to understand the ins and outs of working in a different industry or changing careers.  If you’re passionate, determined, and you’ve done the work, you can make it across any finish line!


Do you have any advice on how to craft a winning pitch?

Use active listening and empathy to truly understand the problem in order to generate a winning solution.  Identify the unique selling proposition, whether you’re pitching an innovative ad campaign or attempting to land a job – what is it about you/your idea that is different from the rest? Also, stand in front of the mirror and practice your pitch!


What continues to draw you to your chosen field and what do you hope to accomplish in the years ahead?

I am passionate about creative that evokes emotion or inspires action.  Marketing is not rocket science, but it can speak to the head and heart.  And being in the world of entertainment media, I’ve seen how enthusiastic fans can be.  I myself am a huge Game of Thrones fan, which led me to travel all over the world to every single filming location! In the years ahead, I want to be a part of a brand that has cultural and social impact. I want to contribute my creativity, passion, and drive for results to a seasoned team of advocates and collaborators.


What is the best piece of professional advice you’ve ever received?

“Choose your boss, not your job.” This is easier said than done, but if you can find a trusted leader who supports, encourages, empowers, and advocates for you, the job will be easy.  Seek out mentors and allies who are good human beings, and build a network that lifts you up so you can pay it forward.


How do negotiate the balance between life and work when you are the one setting the boundaries?

I always find time to exercise.  I set a time every day to turn off the computer and MOVE! Movement can be a run in Central Park or a calming yoga class, but it’s non-negotiable.  Taking care of physical and mental health leads to a successful work / life balance.


If you could tell your younger self one thing about what this professional journey would be like, what would you tell her?

I would tell her: 

1) if a situation, job, or relationship isn’t working for you after you’ve tried to make it work, then gracefully exit. 

2) whenever a door closes, a window opens!

3) girl, invest more in your 401K!


How do you make work work for you? 

I look for inspiration everywhere, practice gratitude often, and find something to be passionate about every day.  Even in the chaos of this unprecedented year, there is goodness in the world!


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How You Doin? Member Survey!

We want to hear how you are coping with work and life and remote school and survival and everything… Please take a minute to fill out this survey so we can learn how the pandemic and parenthood is affecting your work life and the choices you are making about your current career path.

Link is HERE! 

Featured Member: Jennifer Owens


Tell us your story : Who are you Jennifer Owens?

I am an editor, writer and producer focused on women, wellness and work. Currently, I co-host The Breadwinners podcast and produce Turnaround Time for the Turnaround Management Association. I also founded thePause newsletter, focused on women’s health. I previously served as SVP of Digital Strategy of and launched Spring.St, the place for smart women. Before that, I served as editorial director of Working Mother Media, and founded the Working Mother Research Institute, home to the Working Mother 100 Best Companies. In 2013, I launched National Flex Day, an annual spotlight on the benefits of flexible and remote work policies for all employees.


What is your proudest professional accomplishment?

Helping to organize the Summit on Working Families with the Obama Administration during my tenure as editorial director of Working Mother Media.


What is the hardest challenge you’ve faced, work-wise?

I think the hardest challenge is the constant hustle to stay upright and moving forward even as the media industry tries its damndest to bring us down!


If you could change one thing about how your given field operates, particularly with regards to women, what would it be, and why?

I would stamp out the rampant ageism that impacts all forms of publishing, especially when it comes to women.


What advice do you have for other women looking to make a career change but are afraid or lack confidence? 

Come talk to me and then get hustling. I think the key is to think “side hustle” at first and to take any opportunity that comes your way to explore a career change, whether it’s through volunteering or consulting. (Keep your day job to pay the bills!)


Do you have any advice on how to craft a winning pitch?

Put yourself in your listener’s shoes. What do they need to know about you and what you do in order to solve their needs?


How do negotiate the balance between life and work when you are the one setting the boundaries?

Right now I’m a big fan of timeboxing to help prioritize and organize how I’m using my time and for what. 


How do you make work work for you? 

I make work work by focusing on the people, topics and formats I’m most interested in. I am most jazzed when someone takes an idea of mine and makes it better — and visa versa. Collaborating in truly supportive fashions to encourage our best selves at home and work is how I like to roll — and it’s the role I like best to play.

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Career Coaching Platform is LIVE!


The end of summer and return to school is akin to New Years for working parents. There is so much excitement around new beginnings, but this year feels so different, as it does in every area of life. Instead of focusing on work and encouraging you to get back to a work/life routine, we hope you will double down on yourself and invest time and energy into optimizing your career journey.

Today we are excited to announce the launch of our new career coaching platform where Second Shift expert career coaches offer their services to their fellow members at discounted rates. We’ve received a lot of interest so far and are thrilled to have an opportunity to strengthen our member ecosystem.

Here is how it works:

Unlike our normal process, in this situation interested members are the clients and the coach is the member. This is new for all of us so please have patience, feel free to ask questions and send feedback!
Email if you are interested in being matched with a coach. We will respond with:
  • A list of all of our coaches, profiles and rates.
  • An outline of the steps you need to take post your job, how you will be matched with coaches and the invoicing and billing process.
Looking forward to helping you find a Second Shift member to optimize your career strategy!
This is open to people outside of our member community so please spread the word!

Learn How to Network Online!

Second Shift member Sandy Sloane taught a member-led webinar on how to network remotely. Sandy is the founder of Solutions by Sloane, where she works with businesses on training and development, team building, events and public relations.  Her session on best practices to use online tools to network effectively was a huge success.


Everyone feels confused in this new world where meeting for coffee or going to a conference is no long the best option to get to know someone or ask a favor. Sandy taught us how to work a zoom to your best advantage, how to use LinkedIn to grow your network without feeling like a nudge, how to create a personal elevator pitch… There was so much actionable, useful, step-by-step information that we can’t even break it down to bullet-point highlights.  Here are a few things that  we learned:


  • How to make new contacts, and the proper way to reach out and connect with them
  • How to look professional in a remote setting
  • Online etiquette
  • Creating a personal elevator pitch
  • Tips for following up effectively


Watch the entire webinar here and enjoy!!


If you want to share your expertise with our member community reach out to us at






Featured Member: Courtney Seard

As we launch our new 1-1 coaching platform we are highlighting expert career coaches in our community. Courtney Seard is expert in career consulting and leadership training. She’s successfully booked jobs through The Second Shift and led a popular webinar about manifesting the career path you desire. Here she gives us her tips and insights. If you are interested in hiring her to do 1-1 coaching please reach out to us at
Tell us your work story : Who are you and what do you do?

I’m a performance coach and mindset and leadership trainer. I assist people and businesses get from where they are to where they want to be. This is done by tapping into the unconscious mind, removing blocks that are holding you back from success. Then by activating strategies, actionable tasks, and tools for success my clients create the results and outcomes they desire.

What is your proudest professional accomplishment?

The fact I’ve been self employed for 9 years. Creating, developing, and producing my product The Rise: Vision|Action|Planner. Giving my TEDx Talk on Mindset Matters: The Art of Playing The Game To Win, and my featured articles in Essence and Forbes.

What is the hardest challenge you’ve faced, work-wise?

Being a single self-employed business owner without capital and connections. Being a bit ahead of my time in regards for the needs of executive coaching and leaderships skills on an unconscious level. Being a black woman in a white dominated field.

If you could change one thing about how your field operates, particularly with regards to women, what would it be, and why?

There would be more women in the technical and mind science coaching space. We would be featured more than the same run of the mill guys who teach mindset and leadership from their perspective and an old set of norms and ideas.

What advice do you have for other women looking to make a career change but are afraid or lack confidence? How is it on the other side?

Plan, start small, and GO for it! You only live once, and we tend to regret and think about the things we didn’t or wished we’d done, rather than the things we did do and either were successful at, or found wasn’t for us. Slow and steady wins the race and get in the game.

Do you have any advice on how to craft a winning pitch?

Practice, practice, practice. And be confident in you. See yourself breezing through the pitch, even stumbling a few times, and making graceful pivots. See yourself confident, happy, and secure.

What continues to draw you to your chosen field and what do you hope to accomplish in the years ahead?

This is what I was put on the planet to do. I can’t imagine doing much help. Helping people get over their self imposed blocks and create wins for themselves and their teams, is whats it’s about.

What is the best piece of professional advice you’ve ever received?

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it burned down in one. Slow and steady wins the race, be patient, consistent, and do it with integrity. It takes forever to built something and one false move to break it. Do your best.

Who has been your biggest cheerleader // supporter // mentor? 

Gina Hadley, at Second Shift really has been a huge champion and friend. Deseriee Peterkin Bell- She’s also been an advocate, mentor and inspiration.

How do negotiate the balance between life and work when you are the one setting the boundaries?

I have a set schedule that I adhere to. I’ve been doing this long enough to have burnt out, and to realize a sunk cost. I make them and I stick to them.

If you could tell your younger self one thing about what this professional journey would be like, what would you tell her?

It’s going to look crazy and be wild. It will be harder than you think it will be, and worth every single second. Save more, invest more, even when you think you don’t have it. Become financially savvy and fall in love with yourself, and money.

How do you make work work for you? 

I work on projects that I care about, with people I respect and admire. It’s a top value of mine. I’m flexible in my behavior and open to new ideas and opportunity. I know who I am, the incredible I offer, and that it’s required in the new era of work.

Learn How to Network in the New Normal


Hello Second Shift Community!

During the COVID 19 worldwide pandemic, virtual networking has become the new normal for making connections. Even though meeting people is just a click or two away, most of us feel a bit lost navigating a whole new networking landscape.

Our upcoming webinar, Navigating Online Networking, will provide best practices to use to make sure your ZOOM calls boom instead of bomb. Taught by Second Shift member Sandy Sloane, President of Solutions by Sloane, this event is for anyone looking to up their online networking game for professional and personal gain.

Navigating Online Networking
Tuesday, August 25th @ 1:00pm ET

Register Here

See you there!