Featured Member: Rebecca Raphael

Hi Rebecca! We are so excited to showcase your unique talents and career path. To start, tell us your work story : who are you and what do you do?


I am a writer/editor who has worked in daytime TV, magazines, book publishing, non-profit consulting … any and every medium involving storytelling and/or content strategy.


What is your proudest professional accomplishment?


I was Dr. Phil’s writer and editor for more than a decade (for many of his books and all of his columns for O: The Oprah Magazine), and I recently co-authored my first book, “Family Values: Restore Trust, Boundaries, and Connection with Your Child.”

What continues to draw you to your chosen field and what do you hope to accomplish in the years ahead?


Words have endless power to convey ideas and stories — I cherish being the brains behind any impactful story.

If you could tell your younger self one thing about what this professional journey would be like, what would you tell her?


Self-promotion may make you want to vomit and feel disingenuous, but it’s an essential part of marketing yourself and building out your business as a freelancer. Don’t be afraid to toot your own horn. You’re really good at what you do.

How do you make work work for you? 


I feel incredibly grateful that I am able to pick projects that are meaningful to me and have a flexible work schedule. When sh*t hits the fan, as it inevitably does as a parent of three and a dedicated freelancer, I never lose sight of how fortunate I am to have a talent that can be put to use part-time and that I can be selective with my clients.

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