Paid Leave


The United States is one of eight countries without national paid maternity leave. The Democrats are currently negotiating the Build Back Better bill that includes paid leave, but the benefit is not guaranteed. This bill is vitally important because we’ve seen the cracks that happen when workers need to become caregivers overnight. And this bill is not just for moms– it includes all  child care givers, elder care givers, and all parental leave etc…

We hosted a webinar on this historic moment and how we, as advocates of working families, can help get the bill passed. Our friends at PL +US spoke to us about where the bill is currently and what we can do individually to make noise and make sure lawmakers know how important this is for working women and families. You can watch the entire talk here.

If you would like to know what you can do to spread the word:

  • Call your Senators and Congresspeople.
  • Make noise on twitter using the #savepaidleave and tag Senators Manchin, Schumer and President Biden.
  • Take to IG Live and tell your own story and paid leave journey. 
  • Use your platforms and networks to spread the word far and wide.

Thank you for your help on behalf of the 3million women who left the workforce over the past 18 months,