The Lost Art of Connecting


Social impact communications and marketing strategist Susan McPherson is proud super-connector. She says it took her a long time to realize it was her superpower and figure out how to harness that for her own benefit and to help others as well. She’s written a book, The Lost Art of Connecting, to teach all of us how to intentionally make meaningful connections online and in person and strategically being useful and helpful to others.  In the end, she says, it’s all about helping others and the help will come back to us. Here are some of Susan’s tips from her Gather, Ask, Do method. For the more info you can watch our entire interview and buy her book!


  • Connecting with yourself.
  • Audit your goals– who do you want to connect or re-connect with to help you reach those goals.
  • What is your superpower– How can you be of service.
  • Widen your networks to meet people outside of your comfort zone.


  • Ask meaningful questions of others to find out how you can be helpful to them.
  • Learn to listen carefully


  • Take all of those details and start to find ways to help others and ultimately yourself.
  • Be strategic about it and focus on achieving the goals you set for yourself.