Primal Scream: Working Mothers are suffering and how to help

It’s no surprise that working mothers are struggling– we are leaving the workforce in record numbers because, as Second Shift research shows, the demand of ongoing childcare costs and remote schooling is taking its toll. Add in the stress and anxiety of the past 10 months and we are facing a mental health emergency. Both New York Magazine and The New York Times have features this week about the overwhelming and unrelenting pressure facing working mothers. The always insightful Claire Cain Miller has a list of what government, employers, friends and family can do to help.

  • Offer part-time schedules or unpaid leave
  • Pay for childcare
  • Don’t penalize people for caregiving
  • Don’t go back to “normal” office life
  • Extend Coronavirus paid leave
  • Send money to parents
  • Offer tax credits to businesses that retain or rehire mothers
  • Give Social Security credits for unpaid caregivers
  • Open schools
  • Make the solutions permanent
  • Men can do their share and take on the biggest gendered issue in the home.
  • Friends can bring meals or take kids for a walk or mail an activity kit
  • Communities can provide tutors and outdoor activities

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