How to Conquer Working and Parenting During Covid




In case you missed it– Second Shift member, client, and founder of Mama Work it, Marisa Lonic, led an inspiring webinar last week about how to shift perspective, carve out personal time and be most productive with you work and family during Covid. As many places move toward a second phase of “lockdown” Marisa offered lots of practical tips about how to survive this winter with sanity and actually set yourself up for success.

Here are some takeaways:

  • Flip the script to a positive narrative by shifting from “get to” vs. “have to”
  • Multitask the mindless. Solo task the mindful
  • Schedule around your non-negotiables. Then add in what’s flexible.

Want to learn more: Watch the entire webinar HERE! 

Marisa published a time management book and scheduler aptly titled Time Momagement and you can purchase it here!


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