Featured Member: Michelle Diamond


Hi Michelle! Please tell us your work story: Who are you and what do you do?


I am the female CEO and Founder of Diamond Executive Resumes , an executive and Board resume and bio consulting firm and Elevate Diamond Strategy, a growth strategy development and execution independent advisory, consulting, and interim executive firm (in business for over 17 years, that I started when I was 29 years old)

I am also the author of the book, 10-Step Guide To Creating Your Own Growth Strategy For Your Company: The Secret To Unlocking The Mystery Of Achieving And Sustaining Profitable Growth, specifically designed for current or aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners.


What advice do you have for other women looking to make a career change but are afraid or lack confidence? 

Do it…Now!!!! We all only have one life to live. If you stay unhappy by not taking a chance, will that kind of life be worth it?


What continues to draw you to your chosen field and what do you hope to accomplish in the years ahead?

I love taking people and companies to the next level. I hope to greatly expand Diamond Executive Resumes and Elevate Diamond Strategy, as well as have millions of entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs read my book, 10-Step Guide to Creating Your Own Growth Strategy For Your Company, so they can learn how what growth strategy is and how they can develop one for their companies.


What is the best piece of professional advice you’ve ever received?

Be prepared. My favorite motto is “It’s better to be prepared and have no opportunity, than to have an opportunity and not be prepared.”


How do you negotiate the balance between life and work when you are the one setting the boundaries?

I think it is easy to work all of the time, so I have to make sure that I give myself non-negotiables in terms of time to stop work for the day, exercise, fun, relaxation, etc.


If you could tell your younger self one thing about what this professional journey would be like, what would you tell her?

Be confident and always choose the best option. There will be ups and downs, but as long as you continue, you will completely break through and achieve success.


How do you make work work for you? 

I make sure that I am doing work that I enjoy, that I build a foundation that can be replicable, and that I consistently plant seeds for long term business relationships and financial success.


Michelle generously offered her services at a discount to The Second Shift’s community. You can email her directly at info@diamondexecutiveresumes.com  and mention The Second Shift in the subject to get the Affiliate Pricing discount.