Pitch Perfect: Airline Industry Market Research Project


A Second Shift member is a bigwig in the marketing dept of a major national airline and she was looking for help with a research project. She knew exactly where to come for the expertise she needed– to The Second Shift!  Love when the eco-system works!


Here is the pitch that won the job.


I am a strategic marketing and management consultant with 20+ years of experience working with mid-size and Fortune 500 companies. I also have experience in the publishing industry, having partnered with Meredith Custom Publishing on a custom corporate magazine targeting medical professionals and consumers. My goal is to uncover unique insights and areas of opportunity, while capturing and documenting the industry offerings from a wide variety of perspectives, i.e. content, frequency, visuals, audience, distribution, channels, topics, etc. Each of my analyses includes both executive and detailed findings, as well as specific recommendations that are actionable and relevant.  Thank you for the opportunity and I hope we will talk soon!


If you have a question about your pitches you can book time to speak directly with our team during office hours:

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