Mentorship Program



The Second Shift is excited to announce the opportunity to book 1-1 coaching/mentorship sessions with founder Jenny Galluzzo.


With this Mentorship offering you can book:

  • Private 1-1 Zoom Consultations with Second Shift Co-Founder Jenny Galluzzo
  • Get expert advice for: LinkedIn Review, resume review, career guidance and support, access to wider TSS network for personal introductions to boost your career path or pivot and enhance your networking engagement
  • Have Jenny do your personal TSS vetting and introductory call



TSS Member: $125 / 30 minutes and $200 / 60 minutes

Everyone Else: $175 / 30 minutes and $250 / 60 minutes



Book a Mentorship session with Jenny through this link:



Get Some Grit

Kate Nowlan is a Second Shift member whose life and career are defined by the word grit. Her success story inspired her to start a platform, Graced By Grit, to help other women find their power, passion and purpose. She believes life is a marathon and those with resilience finish the race on top.

If you have dreams of being an entreprenuer or solopreneur Kate says this is a great time because there is opportunity, new technology and you can use your grit to be an opportunist and make it happen!


Watch the webinar with Kate here. 


Create the Mindset to Achieve Your Dreams!



Dr Samantha Boardman is a Positive Psychiatrist who focuses on wellbeing and the creation of health and success. She is the author of Everyday Vitality and a weekly newsletter, The Dose.  Our webinar had some tech glitches… but we learned a lot about how mindset affects personal and professional outcomes.


Here are the biggest takeaways:

  • What you do everyday affects how you feel and your behavior affects your mental and emotional vitality.
  • Write down three things that you value most in your life and how you actually spend your time. The gap between is what you need to focus on. Spend your free time creating more overlap so your values are aligned with your actual day to day.
  • Go delight hunting every day– do things that are wellsprings of vitality and will boost your confidence and uplift your sprit
  • The three actions you can take every day to increase your happiness are: make meaningful connections, have experiences that challenge you, contribute in some way to something outside of yourself that makes you feel good.


You can watch the entire webinar here! 


Talking about a revolution


It’s been nearly two years since the Black Lives Matter protests sparked a national conversation about race and inequality in the workplace and beyond. In that time, many organizations have made great strides focusing their attention on creating a more diverse, equal and inclusive environment and hiring practices. However, even though 65% of companies say DEI is a strong strategic priority, only 33% say they are good at it, which is unfortunate because the data shows more diverse and inclusive workplaces perform better, retain their talent and have happier workers.



We hosted a webinar with DEI expert and workplace futurist Daisy Auger-Dominguez who is the author of Inclusion Revolution: The Essential Guide to Dismantling Racial Inequity in the Workplace. 


Daisy offers a roadmap of what’s work and what hasn’t worked in the past two years of racial reckoning and a step-by-step guide to make your workplace a more inclusive, optimistic and equitable environment.

You can watch the entire webinar here. 

If this is something you are thinking about or struggling with—let us help you. We have a strong network of DEI and HR expert consultants who are available for short or long term engagements to guide your business with sound advice and deep experience.

Ambitious Like A Mother



Why prioritizing your career is good for your kids! Watch the entire chat with with attorney, professor and author Lara Bazelon. Topics discussed include: generational feminisim, assumptions, role modeling, guilt, perfectionism, the work life balance lie, why ambition gets such a bad rap. Check out the whole talk here!

NFT and Women Masterclass with Michelle Reeves

If you are interested in learning about NFTs and web3 and what it means, this webinar with Second Shift member and Mavion founder, Michelle Reeves, is a must. She breaks it all down and explains this new world with step-by-step instructions on how and why you should get involved– whether you are a skeptic, an entrepreneur, artist,  or a speculator. Regardless of your goals, it  was a fascinating conversation about this new space, the technology behind it, the downfalls, and the ways they can work together to give women greater power and financial independence.


Incremental Moonshot!


Last week Jenny spoke with entrepreneur and venture capitalist, Kut Akdogan, of Gaussian,  about the traditional vc model of fundraising and how it is, more often than not, a losing strategy for small start-ups. Venture capital, according to Kut, is risking your entire business on a moonshot– going all in and going big– with the promise of major success. However, most venture back start-ups fail, the business model is set up that way, and most women founders don’t even get to the first round of funding.


Kut wrote about an interesting article  about this topic and you can watch the entire conversation with Jenny here.


Instead, Kut says,  the more pragmatic approach to funding and growth is something he calls the “incremental moonshot,” whereby you don’t suppress your vision, but you take small steps to prove a valid business model and move the goalpost realistically. You don’t have to lower your ambitions, but outside of the vc model you can adjust the expectation of rapid scale and allow yourself the time and space to test things, grow organically and learn along the way.


Member Event: Reshma Saujani’s Pay Up is a Guide to Breaking a Broken System to Benefit Women


Thank you so much Reshma Saujani for joining Jenny and The Second Shift community to talk about gender inequity, unpaid labor, and how feminism failed working women. Her new book Pay Up lays out a vision for a workforce where the structure is even for men and women, whether or not they have children.

Reshma,  best selling author, founder of Girls Who Code and The Marshall Plan for Moms gives voice to all the tired, overworked women who were told if they played by the rules and worked hard enough they could “have it all.” Instead, the pandemic exposed all the ways the system is stacked against working women and families– at home and at work. Reshma agrees with The Second Shift that there has never been a better time or opportunity than right now to change the very structure of work. To learn how you can watch the entire conversation here.