Tips to set yourself up for remote school/ work life integration success!


The stress and anxiety of the unknown is overwhelming many working parents right now. Speaking up for your needs to #makeworkworkforyou as we go into an uncertain school year is important for productivity, management and  maintaining some semblance of work/life integration. We hosted a webinar with HR consultant Karen Finckenor and workplace parenting expert Lauren Smith Brody of the Fifth Trimester to learn how to advocate for your needs and set yourself, your team, and your family up for success.

Here are our main takeaways from the talk and you can watch the full webinar here:


  • There are no playbooks for employers or employees and that leaves policy  vacuum and creates an advantage for employees to advocate tor themselves and ask for what they need.


  • Policies are rapidly changing and being updated so educate yourself on what is available to you and check in with your manager and hr rep.


  • Be honest about what works for you- when are you able to be most productive and focused? Set and meet goals and then deliver and over-achieve expectations. Show you can make your own boundaries and goals and then you have proof of your productivity.


  • Organizations are looking at their performance reviews because this is all new and have to reevaluate to address properly. Make your case.


  • If you want to ask for a promotion, raise or flexible schedule do the following: know what policies are available to you, get clear on your ask and make sure it solves your need, make a business case for it backed up with strong data, have a few options ready to suggest, be a partner on the solution.  


Some final advice that we think it very relevant:

“This is a long game…. Your career is an evolution and you need to think about your longer term objectives and invest in your career.  Do not make short term decisions. Look at your career, where are you right now, and where you want to go- then figure out how you get to your goals in the next 18-24 months to sustain that vision.  Get clear on what you can do now, what you are learning and how that feeds into your professional vision for the future.”