The Gig Economy is Making Work Work for Women

Co-Founder Jenny Galluzzo wrote an article for Entrepreneur about how and why flexible work is changing the options for working women. Here are her four reasons why the gig economy is working for women:

1. Project-based work provides benefits.

Women who are choosing to work in the gig economy understand they won’t have an executive level salary, job security, benefits or a consistent work schedule. But they also understand that in exchange, they get freedom, flexibility, balance and ownership of their lives at a crucial moment. They also get a sense of renewed optimism about being able to step back in if and when they desire. In other words, they stay in the game, but on their own terms.

2. Part-time working moms are happier.

Recent studies show that women who work part-time are more engaged both at home and at work. The reason is balance – not feeling like their personal equilibrium is off and the stress is too much to bear. Obvious, perhaps and not possible for everyone. But the rise of the gig economy has meant part-time work is an option for more women.

3. Freelancing may make flex work the new normal.

If women stay in the game and take on leadership roles, the acceptance of freelance, contract work as a viable career path may trickle down through the corporate world, even in industries like finance and marketing that haven’t typically embraced flexibility. It may even change attitudes toward working parents in general. If the boss sees a positive result from a changing culture, it will create a friendlier place for all people looking to work on part-time and project-based jobs.

4. A more diverse workforce.

According to this recent study, only 14 percent of the top execs are women. Without women in leading roles, a female perspective on things like hiring practices, parental leave and office hours is lost.Women need to be involved in making the choices that affect them and those around them so things can start to change.

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