Summer Time Rules!

Think nobody is paying attention in the summer? Think again! Jobs are posted, interviews are happening and hiring managers are paying attention.  Instead of focusing on pictures of fabulous vacations and kids in sprinklers, social media can be a great way to push yourself and your job search forward; it can also be a hazardous time for your personal brand message… so beware and keep reading: 

The Second Shift Social Media Dos and Don’ts for the Summer

Do use the quiet time in Summer as a time to reach out to your network and set up lunch or coffee to line up work for the Fall.

Don’t post too many pictures of your Summer fun. It looks pretty but might send the wrong message about your serious intentions to people looking to hire you.

Do use the down time for Summer clean-up and get fresh references and testimonials for your Linkedin page.

Don’t post anything without first proofreading. Humor can be taken out of context and grammar mistakes make you look sloppy and lazy.

Do be mindful of when and how you use social media; if you are posting pictures of your kids on a beach on a Tuesday morning, you are giving the impression that is where you are at that moment, even if it was something that happened over the weekend.

Do stay on brand. All social media is an exercise in branding yourself and your life. Make sure the message you are creating about yourself is consistent across your social media, both professionally and personally.