Member Event: Eve Rodsky and Finding Your Unicorn Space




Unicorn Space: the active and open pursuit of self-expression in any form, built on value-based curiosity and purposeful sharing of this pursuit with the world,


What is your Unicorn Space and if you don’t have one, how do you find your inner creativity? That’s the heart of Jenny’s conversation with author Eve Rodsky last month. Eve is the bestselling author of Fair Play and her second book is all about carving out time for yourself to bring joy into your life.

Here is a tip– has nothing to do with children, work, partnership or day-to-day responsibilities.

It starts with curiosity: this could be a recipe you want to try, a game you want to learn or some larger goal oriented pursuit.

The next step is connection: you need to invite people to join you in this endeavor. This could mean to come and eat the meal with you, learn the game together or participate  along your way to achieving your goal.

Finally, completion: Unicorn Space has an ending– you sit and share the meal you cooked, you play the game you learned together or you finally go out and do the larger goal you have been working towards with those who helped you.

This can seem daunting to women where time seems precious and mental load is already heavy– but finding Unicorn Space is a funk buster, an energizer, a mood lifter– and that is vital to your ability to do everything else in your life successfully.

Want to learn more? Watch the entire conversation here