Fuzzy brain? Don’t worry, it’s just stress!


A friend recently made a visit to her Ophthalmologist because her eye was twitching so often she could barely drive. Convinced she had a brain tumor she made an emergency appointment only to be told that no, she was just burnt out.


Sound familiar?  We are nearing the year anniversary of the pandemic and women’s mental health is in a state of crisis. Anxiety, depression, sleep issues– women are burnt out from the constant stress of childcare and work.


In February, we partnered with Alma, a platform that connects people to licensed therapists in the New York metro area, to do a study of our members and what they are feeling right now; unsurprisingly 77% say their mental health has worsened over the past year— the two most common reasons– feeling overwhelmed by work and family.


The Second Shift and Alma hosted a talk with Dr Laura Athey- Lloyd, a clinical psychologist, to normalize what people are feeling, discuss mindful solutions and how to ask for help when you need it.



The need for therapists across the country is outweighing the supply and finding someone to work with can be a difficult and long process. 72% of members surveyed say they would like to hire a therapist but going through the process of finding one feels like too much additional stress. If you are looking to find someone to speak with quickly Alma will do the work for you and connect you directly with a therapist that has time and availability.

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