Flexibility Study Results Are In and It’s Good News For Women!

A new global talent trends study was released by LinkedIn and the among the biggest trends in the workforce is the move toward more flexibility. This is great news for The Second Shift and women! When we launched in 2015 flexibility was seen as something too disruptive and too progressive for many organizations to consider. Today things are rapidly changing as the need to attract and retain talent is a strategic initiative for hiring managers and studies the myriad benefits of a flexible work environment including:

  • increased gender diversity
  • increased talent retention
  • increased innovation
  • increased productivity

“According to research by Werk, a people analytics software startup that helps companies improve their flexibility performance, the most in-demand types of flexibility are the ability to work remotely at times while keeping an assigned desk, the autonomy to step away for a few hours for personal reasons, and the freedom to shift hours (e.g., to avoid rush-hour traffic). “


So what’s a business to do if they want to become more flexible and are afraid of disrupting the status quo?

  • HR needs to partner with other depts to ensure the right work environment and collaboration/ productivity tools are in place.
  • Set defined policies, make sure employees know their options and set clear parameters.
  • Train leaders to manage a remote workforce.
  • Be adaptable to the needs of employees and re-evaluate your policies to ensure they are meeting your employees needs over time.

The Second Shift has thousands of women looking for just these types of work arrangements and we are happy to fill your open roles and provide a roadmap to hire and back-up your flexible employees!